The Open Data Science Initiative at SIO is a collaborative initiative formed in 2016 based on the shared goals and interests of the SIO Bioinformatics Users Group and the SIO R Users Group.

The SIO Bioinformatics Users Group was founded in September 2015 to facilitate bioinformatic research within the UCSD-SIO-NOAA community by encouraging information exchange and networking. The group organizes monthly seminars and biweekly co-working meetups, as well as host various workshops centered on bioinformatics-related tools and methods.

The SIO R Users Group was founded in 2010 to help graduate students learn and troubleshoot R, which is a free software for statistical computing and graphics (see http://www.r-project.org/). Attendees are also welcome to come with questions or issues relating to their own data analysis in R. Meetings typically occur once per week during the normal academic year. No commitment to attendance is required, and useRs at all experience levels are welcome.

Our Team

Jessica Blanton is a PhD candidate in the E.Allen Lab at SIO. She studies the microbiology of marine animals using amplicon and shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

Tessa Pierce is an alum of the Gaasterland and Burton labs at SIO, and will be starting a postdoc at the lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis. She studies transcriptome responses of marine eukaryotes to changes in environmental conditions (using python and bash).

Hao Ye is a postdoc in the Sugihara Lab at SIO. He studies dynamic systems and quantitative ecology, and mainly uses R (and a little bit of C++).

This website is dedicated in memory of Rachel Morrison, who founded the SIO R Users Group.