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2017 Oct 11 - Transcriptomics Week is underway!

posted by: Jessica Blanton

Exciting times today and tomorrow in the Eckhart building Sea Cave, as the SIO-BUG Transcriptomic Workshop takes off! Join our 5 excellent instructors as they demonstration of uses of RNA analysis in relevant research, and facilitate group discussion on experimental design.

  • Wednesday: 9-5pm workshop
  • Thursday: 9-5pm workshop, 5pm+ open social
  • Friday: 12:15pm Marine Biology seminar given by Lisa Komoroske

2017 Sep 19 - Jupyter Notebook from October's Seminar and Study Groups at UCSD

posted by: Tiago Leao

Hello BUG community,

Thanks for attending our first monthly seminar yesterday. If you missed our shot intro to “Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science”, you can check out the content here: static version. For a dynamic version, like the one shown in the presentation, it’s required to install anaconda in your machine/server (installation instructions are found inside the static version). There you are also going to find links to more tutorials and books.

If you need some help to start exploring Jupyter/Bioinformatics and/or work on a project you’re struggling with, you’re not alone!!! There are at least 3 awesome meet up groups for bioinformatics few miles away from you:

A) Starting next week, Tuesday, October 17th, our BUG SIO biweekly meetings will be in Eckart from 1pm-3pm, room TBD.

B) Every Friday at Sanford Consortium (≈10/10h30am) the Yeo Lab host a Coding Hours session. For more information about time and room sing-up for their mail list here. When you get the weekly email invitation you should please RSVP and indicate what you plan to work on, so other people can easily spot common topics.

C) Every Saturday at Geisel, noon-3pm, there is a Bioinformatics Study Group, check out more info here.

Last but not least, you can always ask questions in this mailing list!

Wish you all a great week. Hope to see you at the transcriptomics workshop tomorrow.

Best, Tiago.

2017 Sep 19 - SIO-BUG meeting October 9: Introducing our New Organizers, jupyter notbooks!

posted by: Jessica Blanton

Hello SIO Community,

This year is looking swell with 4(!!) fresh new faces in organizing for SIO-BUG!

Come out on October 9th, 12PM in Hubbs 4500, to hear from Tiago Leao, Grant Batzel, Sara Rivera, and Lauren Manck.

This meeting will also have a short introduction to Jupyter Notebook usage by Tiago Leao.

Here’s to a great start to the year!